Selasa, 23 Desember 2008

10 tip for Students Become Entrepreneurs unadorned

entrepreneurship.gifMas facts taken from this site, during the course I think we as students had started their training. I did so pinginnya passed directly to independent companies make their own aliases. What I do. (Mary, Peterborough)

I am helpless kupret gold, students informatics techniques coding ability, but weak. If you create a design-life bearable gold, and photoshop coreldraw that peganganku each day. I dream of their own sensitive business, just what I think and what I need to learn now. Help me dong gold. (Irwan, Bandung)

Two questions that often appear when I fill the seminars and workshops on the campuses of entrepreneurship. Questions that we should appreciate because we have a generation of young spirit to live independently and do not depend on the sympathy of others. Many of how I answer, only to students who may still plain and simple, I gave 10 tips as easy as following.
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